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Tribe - Video messaging


Millions of people all around the world have already sent augmented messages between groups of friends, teammates, classmates, roommates, work teams and long distance relationships.Tribe has appeared as “Best New App” in the Play Store and has been covered by international publications such as TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and Forbes. Buzzfeed has called Tribe “The Future of Messaging.”
Tribe is the video messenger that will change how you are able to talk to friends and take all of your conversations to the next level. It goes beyond the outdated features of conventional messaging apps. Bored of tiny keyboards and emotionless text messages as your main means of conversation? Tribe’s easy to use and beautifully designed interface allows you to save time and enjoy more meaningful, enabling and convenient conversations.
The Super Powers of Tribe:
- A simple design allows you to express full thoughts in short 15 second video messages with only one tap & one hand. No need to use a keyboard again.
- Discover a brand new group chat experience that makes you feel like you are with your friends at all times, no matter where everyone in your crew actually is. Being able to hear and see your friends through video is a main element of the next generation of chat.
- Open video messages like you check your text messages, on your time at your own convenience. If you’re in a place where you can’t watch videos, simply put your phone to your ear like a voice call and only you will be able to hear the video. To not disturb those around you, leave your phone on silent mode so subtitles will magically appear with the transcript of the video message.
- ”Magic Words” will blow your mind! If you mention a celebrity, brand, consumer good, or location in your video message, these “Magic Words” will appear. Magic Words link the highlighted word to more information about what you were chatting about on Instagram, Twitter, Amazon or Youtube.
- Become more informative with your day-to-day conversations. Weather and location are displayed in every video, allowing your friends to see what your surroundings are like. We have even connected Tribe to Uber so that you can book a ride directly to your friends with one tap, featuring real time ETAs and prices.
- Create events from what your friends are (literally) saying. Whether your friends are planning drinks, brunch, concerts, dates, parties, shopping, and more, you can create iCal and Google events directly from the video message.
- Send quick and easy invites to groups of friends via iMessage, Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram and others thanks to magic links, sharing cards and @handles.
- We have introduced high quality filters for your video messages, including “pixels” and audio only if you don’t feel like showing your face. We also have allowed you to personalize your Tribe grid with themes that fit your preference.
- Our “Pull-to-search” for contacts, “Snooze” option to watch videos at a later time, and “Rush” mode to increase the speed of messages have all been updated to give you the ultimate messaging experience.
Examples of Tribe use cases:
- Group chat with close friends, teammates, and roommates to make it feel like you’re always together.- Whether you’re in the car or walking with coffee, conveniently send a message with one hand. No need to put down your umbrella, purse, or drink to type on a tiny keyboard.- Send your Tribe @handle to someone you often Skype with.- Mom or dad trying to get you to Facetime with them while you’re away at college? Send them a quick Tribe while walking to class or heading to the cafeteria without having to set aside a chunk of time to catch up.
Tribe will be frequently updated to keep things fresh. Get in touch with our CEO who is available to answer your questions on Tribe in less than 24 hours. You can also contact us on Twitter at @heytribe.